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What you should know about the Air Source Heat Pumps?

Are you looking for renewable heating options? Then you can consider using air source heat pumps that are one of the best renewable energy options. If you want to reduce the high energy bills for the gas or electric heating system, then switching to an air source heat pump will prove to be worth.


Heat Pumps:


It can be said that a heat pump is used to pump or move heat from one place to another by using a compressor and a circulating structure (of liquid/gas refrigerant). This helps in extracting the heat from outside sources and pumps it inside the building. Powered with renewable energy technology, the heat pumps are one of the most efficient alternative to electric systems, oil and fuel for your heating and cooling solutions.


Air Source Heat Pumps For Cold Climates:


Normally the air source heat pump for cold climate works by transferring the heat (absorbed from the outside air) to the indoor space like your home or office via a durable wet central heating system. This helps in heating the radiators and provide hot water. The heat pumps are energy-efficient alternatives that provides efficient heating and cooling for your home in a convenient and safe way. These types of heat pumps are capable of supplying more heating and cooling capacity than the amount of electrical energy used to operate it.


Top Features of the Heat Pumps:


1. Ensures precise temperature control as per your heating and cooling demand

2. Speeds up heating and cooling time to create a comfortable indoor environment

3. Uses traditional defrosting method in a smart way that reduces energy wastage

4. Utilizes a special liquid distribution technology that ensures no frosting on the lower portion and results in a smooth drainage

5. Provides a convenient way of controlling the heat pump with a self developed wire controller

6. Enhances conversion rate of energy to heat

The Advantages of Using Heat Pumps:

1. Proves to be safer than the systems based on combustion

2. Reduces the carbon emissions

3. Offers cost-effective and less maintenance solutions than the other combustion heating systems

4. Assures of being an extremely reliable, durable and steady source of heat

5. Provides 100% green energy solutions


Buying a Durable Quality Heat Pump:


If you are looking to buy a durable and top quality air source heat pump, then consider Arctic Heat Pumps. Compared to other heat pumps on the market, our air source heat Pumps for cold climates use an air-to-water principle, which ensures superior energy storage and provides all heating/ cooling solutions for your building. Our heat pump is designed to quickly integrate with a solar thermal heater.


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