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Use Arctic Series Cold Climate Heat Pumps

If you are residing in the Canada or Northern America and renovating or building a home, then the utmost care should be taken in selecting HVAC equipment which will help you enjoy living in your home and save a lot on your utility costs. Depending on a reliable home heating option such as a cold climate heat pump from Arctic Heat Pumps will be a worthy decision. It will ensure you years of affordable and comfortable pool/tub or domestic heating without an unexpected rise in the energy bills and environmental pollution associated with traditional heat sources.


The Arctic Heat Pumps are based on revolutionary air-to-water technology that delivers unmatched performance even in the extremely cold weather condition (-25°C) at a cost point of half of a conventional geothermal heat pump. They are engineered with top quality parts including German Wilo Pumps, European Sanhua Valves, Mitsubishi EVI DC inverter compressor and Chico digital control system to make the complete weather proof housing solution.


At Arctic Heat Pumps, qualified engineers are engaged in designing and perfecting cold weather heat pumps that would serve all home heating needs from domestic hot water and space cooling/heating to pool/tub heating in the coldest climate conditions. There is no doubt that this renewable heating option will be effective even when the outside temperature drops down to -25°C. With not so high installation and servicing cost of the Arctic series: cold climate heat pumps continue to be cost-effective and great alternatives for cooling/heating in the Canada and North climate!


The outdoor part of these heat pumps has been developed as a single case (monobolic system) to sustain in the coldest winters. The efficient design enables the cold weather heat pumps to easily pull out heat from the outer air in temps as low as -25°C, while keeping efficient at cooling in the warmer seasons of the year. Another exclusive feature of the Arctic heat pumps for cold climate is that the compressor keeps sealed inside the indoor unit for protection against the cold weather effect. They have greater lasting value and fewer chances for servicing calls due to this wise designing aspect. Additionally, the ODR (outdoor unit) functions quietly and without bothering the next-door guys. The Arctic series cold climate heat pumps also have traditional defrosting options to perform better in the coldest weather and save the energy from waste.


Key Features of the Cold Climate Arctic Series Heat Pumps:

  1. They have a built-in backup heating circuit in the buffer tank which can not only be controlled automatically but also can make heat pumps integration simple and efficient with an internal heater.
  1. The Arctic series heat pumps can be combined together to create larger heating systems of the desired pump capacity.
  1. The use of simple differential controller logic together with a tank thermometer probe helps optimize the heat pumps to maintain the tank temperature in changing weather condition.

Top Benefits of Using Cold Climate Heat Pumps from Arctic Heat Pumps:


– Turns out to be more efficient and durable for weather temperature as low as -25°C.

– Minimizes the possibility of noise and carbon emissions.


– Offers cost-effective and low maintenance heating solutions for homes, shops, offices and pools/tubs in the coldest regions.


– Assures to be constant source of heat without any fall in performance or speed.

– Perfectly green energy solutions for heating/cooling needs.


If you want to meet all of your heating/cooling needs with an inexpensive alternative to geothermal heat pumps, then the Arctic series cold climate heat pumps are the ultimate answer. In comparison to other air-to-air heat pumps available on the market, these heat pumps give an unfailing performance in highly cold climate conditions with backup storage facility and intelligent defrosting system. To live in your home with simple, comfortable, and eco-friendly heating/cooling effect, consider purchasing Arctic series cold climate heat pumps by calling Arctic Heat Pumps at +1 204-232-1139 or sending an email at


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