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Understanding Heat Pumps Grants in Maine

Heat pumps have been around in Canada and in the USA for over 50 years. But what made their popularity grown so much in the last 10 years? Nova Scotia, Maine, Vermont, New Brunswick, New York seem to the hot spots in North America for heat pump installations.


Perhaps the heat pumps combine a perfect climate and higher than average energy cost? Or perhaps the installers and contractors feel confident that heat pumps in Nova Scotia are better than any other type of heating option?


When a recent heat pump customer in Maine was asked about why he bought a cold weather heat pump, his answer was because the neighbor purchased one of the heat pumps last year. Perhaps it’s the “Jones” effect that people are buying cold weather heat pumps in North Eastern USA more than anywhere else simply because that their neighbors are buying them and it has reached a critical mass?


Under the Efficiency Maine Home Energy saving programs, homeowners installing an air source heat pump are eligible for $500 plus $250 for a second zone for up to $750. This program is applicable only for ductless heat pumps so users require installing hydronic fan coils to take advantage of cold heat pumps in Maine.


Why Do you Buy a Highly-Efficient Heat Pump?


Want to heat your home or business with a ductless heat pump? If yes, you need to make sure you install a high efficiency models. As compared to standard efficiency ductless heat pumps in Maine, the high efficiency heating units come with lower operating costs and provide enough heat at lower temperatures.


Here are a few reasons why do you invest in highly-efficient heat pumps in Maine:


Low Cost Heat –


Heat pumps are one of the lowest cost sources of heat at the recent energy prices. You can compare heating costs of different heating systems.


Comfort –


With the advancement in controls, you can maintain the heat pumps at very constant temperatures.


Safety –


Though the heat pumps are powered electrically, you don’t need to worry about the hassles of combustion gas leaks.


Quality of air –


Generally, the heat pumps filter indoor air year-round and dehumidify it in the summer, enhancing quality of air inside.


Room-by-room control –


When installed with different indoor units, the heat pumps offers room-by-room temperature control feature.


Low cost air conditioning –


The heat pumps available today are twice as efficient as typical air conditioning units.

Besides, the heat pumps in Nova Scotia have one of the strongest programs with rebates up to $2500 for the installation of a centralized heat pump with a hydronic air handler. Remember that, the rebate is applicable to all homes no matter whatever the type of heating is used.


Final Consideration –


Do you want to know more about the grants for heat pumps in Maine or the heat pumps in Nova Scotia? If so, feel free to check out the analysis of heat pump’s popularity growth at and let Arctic Heat Pumps help you out!

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