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The Significance of Buying Arctic Series Cold Weather Heat Pumps

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The Arctic series cold climate heat pumps are the revolutions in the heat pump technology and remain unmatched in terms of affordability and performance. The perfectly engineered cold climate heat pumps are designed to be the most efficient heat pump for cold climates at a price of half of a traditional geothermal heat pump.

Rest assured the Arctic heat pumps are engineered effortlessly without any compromise on quality. They are equipped with industry-best parts like German Wilo Pumps, European Sanhua Valves, Mitsubishi EVI DC inverter compressor, and Chico digital control system. All of them are connected directly into complete weather proof housing.

The Importance of Arctic Cold Climate Heat Pump

Integrated heating

Unlike other heat pumps available on the market, the Arctic heat pump can control your home heating and cooling requirements, from residential hot water, space cooling /heating using hydronic heating loops, and DC inverter fan coils.

They can integrate easily into any hot tub or pool to offer enough heat with the titanium heat exchangers. The outdoor unit features everything you require in a single case (monobolic). This means, there is no need to hire a refrigeration mechanic.

Only you need an electrical connection with an outdoor rated disconnect (weatherproof). This heat pump system requires a 240 VAC connection with 20 or 30 Amp dedicated breaker best suiting to the size of heat pump.

Built in backup facility

You can control the backup circuit in the buffer tank automatically from the heat pump, ensuring simple and effective integration with an internal heater. The backup heater gives the signal from the cold weather heat pump, only when the heat pump can’t be able to keep up. It makes sure that you won’t waste energy with two heat sources competing.

The standard electric hot water tank can be utilized or you can buy water tanks that are specifically designed for cold weather heat pumps. They must have features like additional insulation and internal ports for temperature probe for more precise temperature readings.

User friendly controller

Conventional cold weather heat pumps need direct communication to every zone; but the Arctic series heat pumps have the simple differential controller logic with a tank thermometer probe. The tanks comprise of a special copper probe port insert both at the top and bottom so that you can measure the tank accurately.

In addition to, the heat pumps can be optimized to reach the pre-set temperature for the tank. When the weather changes, the heat pump will change as well utilizing only exactly what it requires to keep the buffer tank at the set temperature.


The latest in the Arctic heat pump technology allows Arctic Heat Pumps to combine heat pumps together to produce larger heating systems best suiting your requirements and preferences. Through the MX controller, you can add up to five heat pumps.

Rest assured that, pumping technology works for the same. For instance, if your heat pump system is too large for the pump capacity, simply include a second pump in series in order to double up your flow pressure.

For more information about cold climate heat pumps at Arctic Heat Pumps, please visit the website at

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